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Sorti en 1973

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When local soccer team The Eagles fall prey to a series of onslaughts from a mysterious gangster only a week before the championship final, the team turns to the one man that can help save their chances at victory – Joe Bullet (Ken Gampu). Joe will have to battle against villainous henchmen, escape booby-trap bombs and bring his martial arts expertise to the fore in order to survive an attack from a deadly assassin. In the end he will have to infiltrate the mysterious gangster’s hide-out in a dangerous cat-and-mouse rescue mission to save not only The Eagles’ two kidnapped star players, but that of his beautiful love interest, Beauty (Abigail Kubeka). The odds will be stacked against him, but he’s the man that fights crime, the man that no one can tie down! Joe Bullet!.

Titre original:

Joe Bullet

Date de sortie: 1973-01-01D'origines South AfricaRéalisé par Louis de Witt, Louis de Witt, Louis de Witt, Tonie van der Merwe, Tonie van der MerweAvec Ken Gampu, Abilgail Kubeka, Joe Lopez, Cocky Tlholthalemaje
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