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Sorti en 1928

Midnight Madness en streaming

In Midnight Madness millionaire diamond miner Michael Bream (Clive Brook) discovers that the woman he’s marrying — funfair shooting-gallery hostess Norma Forbes — is a gold digger. So Bream decides to teach her a lesson, and forces her to live with him in the remote African outback where, eventually, she realizes her true affections..

Titre original:

Midnight Madness

Date de sortie: 1928-03-25D'origines United States of AmericaRéalisé par Adrian, Stephen Goosson, David Abel, Harold McLernon, Hector TurnbullAvec Jacqueline Logan, Clive Brook, James Bradbury Sr., Walter McGrail, Oscar Smith, Vadim Uraneff, Louis Natheaux, Clarence Burton, Virginia Sale, Frank Hagney
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