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Sorti en 1932

In the Name of the Law en streaming

The story is about a drug ring and the finally successful efforts of the Paris police to break it up. A young detective goes into a den in Paris' Chinatown, following a clue, and that is the last seen of him until his body is found floating in the Seine several days later. The only clue is a woman's glove. The dead man's friends on the force vow to avenge him, and receive information leading them to suspect one Sandra, a beautiful foreigner, played by the stunning Marcelle Chantal..

Titre original:

Au nom de la loi

Date de sortie: 1932-04-15D'origines FranceRéalisé par Jacques Tourneur, Jacques Tourneur, Jacques Colombier, Maurice Tourneur, Maurice TourneurAvec Marcelle Chantal, Régine Dancourt, Gabriel Gabrio, Jean Marchat, Jean Dax, José Noguéro, Harry Nestor, Pierre Labry, Geo Laby, Charles Vanel
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