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Loner Diane Ford is a truck driver with an 11-year-old son, Peter, whom she never sees, and that's fine with her. But, when Peter's father, Len, falls ill, he asks Diane to take care of their son for a while. Eventually, Diane reluctantly agrees, but she quickly realizes that caring for a child interferes with her independent lifestyle - and Peter isn't all that thrilled with the arrangement, either..

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Date de sortie: 2008-04-24D'origines United States of AmericaRéalisé par Mychael Danna, Lawrence Sher, Michelle Monaghan, Pamela Hirsch, Deirdre SlevinAvec Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Joey Lauren Adams, Jimmy Bennett, Bryce Johnson, Brandon Hanson, Matthew Lawrence, Mika Boorem, Dennis Hayden
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