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Sorti en 1921

Yan Ruisheng en streaming

In the summer of 1920, Shanghai was scandalized by a sensational murder, a high-profile case and subsequent trial that was the ongoing topic of conversation in the city's numerous cafes, clubs and teahouses. Among the various reasons for its notoriety, two stand out: first, the victim was a high-class prostitute, well known in Shanghai; second, the murderer had been a mid-level manager in a respected foreign firm, a playboy who in Manhattan might have been termed a "prominent young man about town." There were detailed press reports daily as the case wound its way through the judicial system..

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Date de sortie: 1921-07-01D'origines ChinaRéalisé par Yang Xiao-Zhong, Pengnian Ren, Liao EnshouAvec Shouzhi Chen, Shao Peng, Wang Caiyun, Kengfu Gu
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