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La ragazza dei lillà en streaming

An honest and idealistic archaeologist, to find the legendary burial of an Etruscan king, collides with the interests of a group of "grave robbers". Larth is a passionate archaeologist of the Etruscan civilization, on the trail of a famous royal tomb. Vasco is a hotelier in the area which is enriched by plundering the graves and selling their treasures. Tania is the beautiful, thirteen year old, niece of Vasco (played by 18 yr old Brigitta Boccoli ) that disturbs the mature scholar Larth by attempting to seduce his wife Leonora. There is treasure, thievery, murder and seduction. Oh, and a red car..

Titre original:

La ragazza dei lillà

Date de sortie: 1986-08-28D'origines ItalyRéalisé par Titus Vossberg, Flavio Mogherini, Flavio Mogherini, Flavio Mogherini, Carlo CarliniAvec Laurent Terzieff, Mimsy Farmer, Mario Adorf, Memè Perlini, Brigitta Boccoli, Pascale de Boysson, Nino Fuscagni
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