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The story of the first cloned human being - told in her own words: At the age of thirty the world-famous composer Iris Sellin learns that she has an incurable illness. She - a person who wanted to live for ever - does however not give in. In order to preserve her art and also herself, beyond death, for all posterity, she has herself cloned. Her daughter Siri, whom, in this way, she turns into her virtual twin, learns as a child that she is the world's first cloned human being. In fact a blueprint: a blueprint of her mother. From that moment on nothing is as it was before....

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Date de sortie: 2003-12-08D'origines GermanyRéalisé par Rolf Schübel, Peri de Bragança, Claus Cornelius Fischer, Claus Cornelius Fischer, Charlotte KernerAvec Franka Potente, Ulrich Thomsen, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Katja Studt, Justus von Dohnányi, Wanja Mues, Ole Puppe, Rita Leska, Nina Gummich, Karoline Teska
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