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Sorti en 1988

Frank Nitti: The Enforcer en streaming

Al Capone may be the most famous Chicago mobster, but his successor, Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti (Anthony LaPaglia), was just as ruthless. This biopic goes to great lengths to accurately trace Nitti's rise to the top of the Windy City's underworld, amid corruption, betrayal and violence. The result is an engrossing glimpse into mob life in the early 20th century..

Titre original:

Frank Nitti: The Enforcer

Date de sortie: 1988-04-17D'origines United States of AmericaRéalisé par Robert O'Connor, Daniel T. Cahn, Daniel T. Cahn, Yanni, Michael SwitzerAvec Anthony LaPaglia, Vincent Guastaferro, Trini Alvarado, Michael Moriarty, Michael Russo, Louis Guss, Clayton Landey, Bruce Kirby, Renata Vanni, Michael Collins
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