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Sorti en 1992

Kleine Haie en streaming

When dishwasher Ingo, whose girl-friend has just left him, returns a borrowed bar stool to the Folkwang Acting School in Essen, he stumbles into the audition for next year's new students. He lets Johannes, the broke and unsuccessful applicant, stay with him. Ingo decides to go to Munich with Johannes, where he wants to try his luck once again. Hitchhiking, they get rides with very different drivers on the autobahn. They meet up with the smooth-talking Ali in the wayside dinner "Raststätte Spessart". Arriving in Munich, the trio tries to find cheap sleeping accommodation. They enter Ingo into the audition at Munich acting school. Moreover, Johannes falls in love with street artist Herta from Berlin. Written by emkarpf.

Titre original:

Kleine Haie

Date de sortie: 1992-09-03D'origines GermanyRéalisé par Sönke Wortmann, Sönke Wortmann, Gernot Roll, Ueli Christen, Torsten BreuerAvec Jürgen Vogel, Kai Wiesinger, Gedeon Burkhard, Meret Becker, Armin Rohde, Michael Mendl, Katharina Abt, Michael Kessler, Magdalene Artelt, Werner Hansch
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